A08 - Matilde

Sleeps: 4Adults Size: 50sqm Best feature: Duomo view

Cheerful and colorful walls for the most playful guests

A two bedroom apartment with spaces perfect for small groups and families; Its best feature? Open the window and admire the Brunelleschi’s Dome from the master bedroom.

Matilde was Ferdinando’s wife, mother of Rosetta and Anny.


Wifi, smart TV Desk
Kitchen Towels
Wash & dry Guides
Baby facilities DuomoView

Frequently Asked

Is the apartment suitable for babies?

Yes! In addition we offer high chair, cot, tub and a miniguide suitable for families.

Is the apartment suitable for people with walking difficulties?

The apartment is located at goundfloor, but please specify your needs before booking; spaces may not be accessible to everyone.

Are pets allowed?

We do not always accept pets in our structure, so it is strictly forbidden to bring animals in if it had not been previously agreed with the reception.

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