About us


The Creative Director of La Gabbia del Grillo.

Architect, co-founder of Officine Liquide studio, based in Florence and Barcelona. In 2012 she chooses to take the management of her family properties in her hands and together with Alain creates La Gabbia del Grillo. She dedicates herself to the transformation of various apartments and from 2020 she curates the image and communication aspects of the company.


The eclectic CEO of our company.

An interior designer with a natural talent for business and numbers. His philosophy consists on participating directly in the development of interior projects thus giving our apartments solutions designed and created manually by him.

Jessica & Francesco

The faces of hospitality.

They are in charge of the reception, welcome you on your arrival and help during your stay if needed. Jessica joined us in 2018, her training and her work experience are entirely dedicated to the world of tourism; Francesco is La Gabbia del Grillo’s latest arrival and to expand our team we could not have wished for better!

La Gabbia del Grillo

Our project was born from the need to give new life and function to a couple of small apartments. A bit as an experiment, and a bit by chance, the business rapidly grew enabling us, in a short time, to switch to professional management of several properties. Our creative background allowed us to give a personal touch to all our units and served us in designing the accommodation we would like to find when we travel.