Sustainable hospitality

For years, Irene SAS has demonstrated its faithful commitment to sustainability and since 2017, hand in hand with its participation in the United Nations Global Compact initiative, has been working on the implementation and dissemination of the Ten Principles of the Global Compact and on the achievement of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) among its stakeholders.


At La Gabbia del Grillo we have promoted various policies, projects and actions to contribute to the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. With this we try to contribute to the transformation of the tourism sector into a more responsible and sustainable sector.


UN-Habitat this year promotes the contribution of cutting-edge technologies to sustainable waste management. Cutting-edge technologies have immense potential to improve the way people work and live, as well as to significantly accelerate efforts to meet the Sustainable Development Goals and tackle climate change.


As part of this significant day, the contribution that La Gabbia del Grillo is making in its apartments to SDG 13 “Climate Action” is announced.


Our commitment to sustainability is strategic, transversal to the whole company and in the long term and was born with the alignment of the SDGs with our corporate strategy and our system of good governance.


In 2018 and also in 2019, the focus was on its environmental project aligned with SDG 13, in order to correctly manage resources and thus contribute to the objectives of this Goal. For this, the following strategies have been developed:

  • A strategic energy efficiency plan has been created.
  • An efficient waste management system has been developed.
  • They are committed to reducing single-use plastics in their hotels by 2020.
  • Has developed a sustainable mobility plan.


All these actions have led La Gabbia del Grillo to reach the goals set at the beginning of the year of 99%, including a 4% reduction in its carbon footprint.


For the tourism sector, and specifically the rental of tourist apartments, achieving the objectives of SDG 13 is very important as its very survival depends on the sustainability of tourist destinations. The commitment of the management and of all the employees of the company is fundamental for the achievement of the set objectives, for this reason it is necessary to carry out awareness raising and continuous training actions in these matters towards the main stakeholders.


These measures have had a positive impact not only on destinations, but also made the customer aware of other, more responsible ways of traveling.


La Gabbia del Grillo, together with the rest of the tourism sector entities that make up the Tourism Group and SDG, will continue to contribute to sustainable tourism in its various dimensions, committed to a better world.