La Gabbia del Grillo and its commitment to the environment

The constant sensitivity and ecological awareness of public opinion have contributed to making environmental protection one of the priority objectives of today’s society, in which tourism-related activities are acquiring great importance, being also one of the activities with the greatest potential for development. of the Italian economy.


La Gabbia del Grillo is aware that good environmental practices translate into benefits for the company, the environment and society in general, and guarantee a permanent attraction for the tourist destination.


La Gabbia del Grillo tries to ensure that the lowest possible impact on the environment is produced, favoring the compatibility of the hospitality business with our environment, which improves the quality of the tourist product and therefore our image towards the customer, and makes the economic effort of our business is efficient.


Our main objectives are:

  • Reduce the consumption of natural resources and raw materials, for which we have installed solar panels on the roofs of our buildings, with the aim of installing more in the future.
  • Minimize the production of waste, managing it efficiently, through contracts with companies duly legalized for this purpose.
  • Avoid accidental pollution by collaborating with the Public Administrations responsible for environmental management (we have all the relevant environmental authorizations and permits), making our workers aware of the importance of energy saving.
  • To improve the environmental management of the organization and the quality of service, informing both customers and workers of our activities and involving our neighbors to improve not only our facilities but also those of our community.
  • Promote the conservation of natural and cultural resources around our facility.

Sustainable apartments policy

This document reflects the initiatives adopted and implemented by La Gabbia del Grillo so that our apartments operate in a more sustainable, efficient and respectful of the environment and the local community.


With the constant growth and development of the various technological advances applicable in the hospitality sector, and thanks to the continuous updating of our systems and resources, we strive every day to be a responsible and sustainable company.



1. Periodic reviews:

La Gabbia del Grillo is committed to a sustainable business model and guarantees this through its annual audits and reviews, carried out internally, through its Quality Department, as well as by external and independent companies, as well as inspections and controls responsible for mandatory compliance.


Some of the reported reviews that are carried out periodically in our facilities are the following:

  • Maintenance of the heating system according to the Regulations for thermal installation.
  • Periodic inspections of atmospheric emissions.
  • Mandatory inspection of the low voltage electrical installation.
  • Mandatory inspection of the high voltage electrical installation.
  • Fuel tank reviews and inspections.
  • Overhauls and inspections of gas systems.
  • Inspections of lifting devices.
  • Inspection of fire-fighting equipment and alarm panel.
  • Prevention of legionellosis.
  • Controls of water for human consumption.


2. Environmental aspects analyzed:

The environmental aspects that we identify and analyze in our factories to work with maximum efficiency and savings in the development of our activities are the following:

  • Energy consumption for heating and domestic hot water.
  • Water consumption for rooms / apartments, irrigation, kitchen.
  • Production of solid urban waste.
  • Generation of hazardous waste.
  • Storage and handling of chemicals.
  • Generation of atmospheric emissions (boilers, external noise …)
  • Generation of waste water.


Based on the results of the factors analyzed listed above, we are constantly trying to improve them.


3. Good practices:

Tourist activities are carried out at La Gabbia del Grillo trying to reduce the environmental impact associated with the various aspects listed above through the application of various good practices, such as:

  • Automated lighting, photocells, clock, timer, etc.
  • Taps with flow reduction, with presence detector or timers, double pulsation toilet bowls etc.
  • Automation of irrigation.
  • Automation of the heating system.
  • Thermal insulation systems.
  • Reduction of waste production (less packaging, double-sided paper for internal use, etc.).
  • Segregation of municipal solid waste: light packaging, glass, paper / cardboard, organic matter (food waste).
  • Proper management of hazardous waste with authorized managers: batteries, contaminated containers, aerosols, remains of paint, obsolete fluorescent, toner for printers, electrical / electronic waste, etc.
  • Proper management of pruning waste, bulky waste and construction waste.
  • Correct storage and handling of chemicals, according to the safety data sheets. Safe storage, with containment walls or trays, absorbent material in case of spillage.
  • Use of products that respect the environment (cleaning and maintenance products).
  • Consumption of recycled paper.


Furthermore, at La Gabbia del Grillo we continuously monitor the environmental aspects, thus being able to detect any deviations and plan annual objectives and targets, whether they are of a training nature, or planning improvements and investments.

Integrated quality management policy, environment and social responsibility

Irene Sas is a company dedicated to the management of hotel services for more than 8 years. Our goal is to offer the best service to our customers, through high levels of quality that allow us to achieve their satisfaction and loyalty.


Irene Sas is committed to respecting the natural environment, complying with all applicable laws and regulations. We intend to continuously improve in all aspects related to quality and the environment, in the development of our business, through the gradual implementation and certification of quality management systems in all our plants.


The lines of action that our company follows are the following:

  • We want to offer the best service and quality standards to our customers, satisfying their needs and satisfying their expectations, which involves the constant adaptation of our staff to different types of customers.
  • We must identify, assess and control the environmental impacts that our business may cause, always considering them when making decisions.
  • Improvement objectives will be set, both to reduce the environmental impacts that our facilities or the development of activities can produce in the environment (soil, water, atmosphere or natural resources) and to exceed our service indicators in the management processes ‘organization.
  • Propose actions and strategies to retain our customers.
  • Encourage our suppliers to adapt to the quality and environmental criteria set by our company.
  • Motivate our customers to participate in our environmental management system.
  • Keep our customers informed, encouraging their collaboration, creating a special bond to preserve the environment.
  • Guarantee the continuous improvement of our environmental management and carry out internal and external audits of the system to verify its correct functioning, contributing to the conservation of the environment.
  • Disseminate our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy.
  • Publish our environmental and social indicators.
  • We support non-governmental and non-profit organizations with social and environmental purposes.


The work philosophy of our organization spreads through this Quality and Environment Policy, clarifying and defining the work lines of workers so that they obtain greater personal satisfaction in the fulfillment of their tasks, demonstrating our commitment to our customers to satisfaction and certifying that we achieve our sustainable development goals, in a way that is compatible with the economic results for our company.